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UltraXtend is a powerful Wi-Fi ranger extender that improves your Wi-Fi coverage in your home. It eliminates blind spots, boosts signal strength up to 300 Mb/s and ensures a reliable connection for multiple devices at the same time. Thanks to its easy plug & play installation, modern design and optimal price-performance ratio, UltraXtend is the ideal solution for a faster and stable Internet connection.


UltraXtend is now available in the UK directly from the manufacturer at a special low price.

UltraXtend Wifi Booster reviews & experiences

  • No more blind spots in your home: No more frustrating blind spots where the Wi-Fi signal is weak or non-existent! UltraXtend eliminates this annoyance and provides even coverage in every room of your home.
  • Higher internet speed for ultimate surfing pleasure: With UltraXtend, you will experience a noticeable increase in your internet speed. The device boosts the existing signal, reduces signal drops over distances and thus enables faster and more reliable surfing.
  • Best performance for all your devices: Whether you use smartphones, tablets, laptops or other smart home devices, UltraXtend ensures that every single device benefits from a stronger and more stable signal. So your connection always remains stable, even when many devices are connected at the same time.
  • Super-fast and foolproof installation: Forget complicated set-up processes! UltraXtend offers a plug & play installation. Simply plug it into a wall socket, connect it to your existing network and enjoy improved coverage in no time.
  • Modern design that complements your décor: The UltraXtend Wifi amplifier has been designed with a modern and unobtrusive look. It blends seamlessly into your home décor without being ostentatious.
  • Expandable range as needed: Do you have a large home or walls that dampen the Wi-Fi signal? No problem. You can easily use multiple UltraXtend Range Extenders to extend coverage even further and eliminate even the most stubborn Wi-Fi dead spots.
  • Optimum value for money for your family: With UltraXtend, you invest in a reliable and affordable solution to provide your family with stable Wi-Fi around the clock. That means less frustration with slow connections and more time for what really matters.
  • 24/7 connection at maximum speed: Thanks to UltraXtend Wifi Booster, you’ll always stay connected with the fastest connection wherever you are. No more downtime due to weak signals – enjoy a reliable connection around the clock.
  • Increase internet speed: UltraXtend not only optimises range, but also improves the speed and performance of your internet. By amplifying the signal, it minimises speed loss over distances and enables a seamless online experience.
  • Simplicity for your device diversity: If you have many WiFi enabled devices, UltraXtend will make your life easier. It ensures that every device gets a premium connection, which is especially beneficial when multiple devices are in use at the same time.
  • Enjoy the benefits today: Improve WiFi coverage in and around your home. The foolproof plug & play installation, the high data transmission speed of up to 300 Mb/s and the modern design make UltraXtend the ideal choice.
  • For a short time available with up to 60% discount in the official online shop.

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UltraXtend review UK – The areas of use

Just a few of the main areas of application where the UltraXtend amplifier comes into its own:.

1. Homes and flats: The UltraXtend Wifi Booster UK is ideal for homes and flats of all sizes. It eliminates Wi-Fi dead spots and provides consistent coverage in all rooms, from the basement to the attic.

2. Offices and home offices: In work environments, a reliable internet connection is essential. The amplifier improves signal strength and speed, which has a positive impact on video conferencing, file uploads and downloads, and overall productivity.

3. Large homes and villas: In spacious residences with many rooms and floors, Wi-Fi coverage can be a challenge. The UltraXtend amplifier extends coverage and ensures every room has a strong connection.

4. Multi-storey buildings: Stairwells and floors can be Wi-Fi weak points. The repeater bridges these obstacles and ensures a stable connection on every floor.

5. Home entertainment areas: If you want to stream movies and music in the best quality, the UltraXtend amplifier provides a stable connection for uninterrupted entertainment in every room.

6. Online Gaming and Streaming: For gamers and streaming enthusiasts, the amplifier eliminates lag and buffering for a smooth experience.

7. Smart Homes: In a connected home, strong connectivity and smooth communication between devices are critical. The amplifier ensures that all smart home devices function optimally.

8. Holiday homes and rental properties: Even in temporary or rented accommodation, the UltraXtend amplifier can provide a reliable Wi-Fi connection and make the stay more enjoyable.

9. Office communities and co-working spaces: In shared offices, the repeater ensures consistent connectivity for all users without bottlenecks.

10. Restaurants and cafés: Hospitality businesses that want to offer Wi-Fi to their customers can use the UltraXtend amplifier to ensure a stable and powerful connection.

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Technical features

The UltraXtend wifi booster UK offers an impressive range of technical features to help optimise Wi-Fi connectivity and improve connectivity in a variety of environments:

Signal amplification and speed: With signal amplification, the UltraXtend amplifier achieves impressive speeds of up to 300 Mb/s. This results in faster and more reliable internet speeds, especially in areas with weaker signals.

Frequency bands and compatibility: The amplifier operates on multiple frequency bands, including 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. This versatility ensures optimal performance and compatibility with a wide range of routers and networks.

Coverage range: With its extended coverage range, the UltraXtend amplifier easily bridges Wi-Fi dead spots and provides reliable connectivity in large flats, houses or office buildings.

Connection density and device support: The amplifier easily handles the simultaneous connection of multiple devices without compromising signal strength or speed. This is especially beneficial in homes or offices with many users.

User-friendliness and installation: The plug & play installation of the UltraXtend amplifier is extremely user-friendly. With clear instructions and a straightforward setup process, users can quickly benefit from enhanced connectivity.

Design and placement: The amplifier’s modern and unobtrusive design blends seamlessly into any environment and allows for discreet placement without compromising the aesthetics of the room.

User manual: Easy to understand instructions included. Easy troubleshooting.

These technical features of the UltraXtend WiFi Amplifier help transform the Wi-Fi experience and ensure reliable, high-performance connectivity in a variety of environments.

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